S/NO. Title and Authorship Page


1. Development and Application of Copper-Impregnated Oil Palm Fibre Ash as Adsorbent for Cyanide
Ajayi O.A., Olakunle M.S., Edet M.O., Dabai F.N and Eletta O.A.A.
1 – 13
2. Mathematical Model for Optimizing the Charge (Recycled Scrap) and Heel Level in an Iron Remelting Electric Arc Furnace
Ugwuodo C. B., Anike E. N., Odoh E. E., Aneke C. S. and Ogbeide S. E.
14 – 22
3. Nanomaterials for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Water
Nnaji J. C.
23 – 29
4. Mitigating Rain Attenuation and Its Effects on Communication Links Using Site Diversity
Oborkhale L. I., Nwaogu C. C., Amadi A. O.
30 – 38
5. Production of Biobased Polymeric Resins from Modified Linseed Oil and Sunflower Oil.
Nwosu-Obieogu K., Aguele F.O. and Chiemenem L.I.
39 – 44
6. Design Analysis of Water Distribution Pipe Network of Royal Valley Housing Estate in Ilorin Using Arc-Gis and Epanet
Oluwaseun O.V, Ayanshola A.M, and Jimoh M. O.
45 – 55
7. Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil Using Eggshell Based Catalyst
Ajayi O.A., Dabai F.N., Eletta O.A.A., Yusuff A. S., and Jisieike I. C.
56 – 62
8. Determination of Monthly Reference Evaportranspiration for Umudike, Nigeria Using FAO-56 Penman-Monteith Method.
Abarikwu O. I. and Akanimo E. E.
63 – 68
9. Effect of Vinegar on the Stability of Sunflower Oil-In-Water Emulsion Stabilized by Gelatinized Bambara Groundnut Flour
Oladayo Adeyi., Ikhu-Omoregbe  D.  and Jideani V. A.
69 – 76
10. Assessment of Poultry Farm Structures and Facilities in Isialangwa-South, Abia State, Nigeria
Ojedele O., Adama J.C. and Opurum E.
77 – 82
11. Incessant Spillover of Engineering Students in Eastern Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: An Appraisal of Prime Cause
Nwankwojike B. N., Onwuka O. S. and Lewachi A. A. 
83 – 87
12. Availability and Reliability Analysis of Ibom Power Plant
Ubani N. O., Eze C.C., Dara J.E., Ekpo A.A., Ubani A.C., Okpe B., Okoro U.I. and Humphery C.O.
88 – 95
13. Design and Fabrication of Mini Biodigester for Biogas Production Using Rice Husk and Brewer Spent Grain as Feed Stock
Ugwuodo C.B, Anike. E. N, Odoh E.E, Nwachukwu H.K, Ukah S.O. and Ogbeide S. E.
96 – 107
14. Relationship Between Reference Evapotranspiration and Climatic Parameters for Umudike, Nigeria.
Abarikwu O. I, Adama J. C, Ezeani E. U., and Ekpo A. E.
108 – 113
15. Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation with Harmonics Consideration
Ibrahim S. B.
114 – 121
16. Mitigation of Channel Fading in Cdma20001x Network Using Antenna Diversity Technique
Ifeagwu E. N., Enebe C. C. and Chukwu N.  N.
122 – 128
17. Effects of Pretreatment on the Physiochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Palm Oil
Oyinloye G. M. and Igbozulike A. O.
129 – 136
18. Design and Implementation of Pc-Based Automated Door Control System
Nwachukwu N. K. and Igbajar A.
137 – 143
19. Design and Development of 0.8kva Battery Aided Fuel-Less Generator for Electricity Production
Ugwu H. U and Uhunwa I. N
144 – 148