S/NO. Title and Authorship Page


1. Physicochemical and Microbiological Study of Aba River Abia State, Nigeria

Obianyo, J. I.   and Ugwu, E. I.

1 – 13
2. Economic Growth related Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions Based on the Environmental Kuznet Curve Hypothesis

Aririguzo J. C. and Ekwe E. B.

14 – 22
3. Analysis of Wind Characteristics of Umudike, Nigeria for Electricity Power Generation

Aririguzo, Julian C. and Ekwe, Ekwe B.

23 – 29
4. Genetic Algorithm Based Tuning of on Load Tap Changing Transformer for Voltage Regulation of Power System Network

Ibrahim, S. B. and Musa, H

30 – 38
5. Trend Analysis of Meteorological Parameters for Osogbo, Nigeria

Mohammed A. A., Salami A. W., Sule, B. F.  and Adikwu, J. P.

39 – 44
6. Evaluation of Photovoltaic-Hydro-Diesel Hybrid System for Electricity Generation

Ikechukwu Ijeoma F. and Abam Fidelis I.

45 – 55
7. Process Synthesis for Efficient Utilization of Potential Alkali Components of Solid Organic Wastes

Anike E. N., Ugwuodo C. B., Odoh E. E., and Mbah G. O.

56 – 62
8. Development of Advanced Static Var Compensator (Asvc) Using Five-Level Diode Clamped Voltage Source Inverter  

Onah, A. J.

63 – 68
9. Improved Design of a Portable Balcony Crane

Oti, O. F.

69 – 76
10. Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Properties of Kalgo Soils, Northwestern Nigeria

Ahmad, L., Adigun, H. A., and Adeyanju, E. A.

77 – 82
11. Optimal Framework for Allocating Natural Gas to Different Processing and Utilization Alternatives

Nwankwojike B. N., Uduma O. U., Isaac S. O. and Nwadinobi C. P.

83 – 87
12. Geoelectric Sounding for Delineating Groundwater and Environmental Assessment of Sites in Ikot Ekpene

Ijeh, B. I., Umoh, E., and Anyadiegwu, F. C.

88 – 95
13. Determination of Process Variables that Affect the Rate of Extraction of Palm Kernel Oil

Anike E. N., Ugwuodo C. B., Odoh E. E. and Mbah G. O.

96 – 107
14. Performance Enhancement of Refractory Properties of Clay Materials with Local Content Input

Chima, O. M. and Nwokeocha, T. O.

108 – 113
15. Effects of Reaction Temperature and Time on Fractionation of Carbon and Nitrogen from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalga Spirulina Sp

Eboibi, B. E.

114 – 121
16. Depth to Magnetic Source Analysis Using Source Parameter Imaging (Spi), Analytical Depth and Spectral Depth Estimates

Anyadiegwu, C. F. and Ijeh, B. I.

122 – 128
17. Bioenergy Recovery from the Anaerobic Digestion of Mixed Animal Wastes Co-Digested with Mixed Fruit Wastes

Aworanti, O. A., Agarry, S. E., and Ogunleye, O. O.

129 – 136
18. Development and Performance Evaluation of a Four-Row Hand Pushed Seed Planter

Agu, C. S.  and Ijeoma, I. F.

137 – 143
19. A Prediction Model of Energy Requirements for Drying of Okra Slices in a Hybrid Solar-Electric Dryer

Nwakuba, N. R., Chukwuezie, O. C., Asoegwu, S. N., Nwandikom, G. I., and Okereke, N. A. A.

144 – 148